The background of Hampi transcends to the wee years in Indian History. Legend has it that it was constructed by Harihara and Bukkaraya in 1336 and a reference of this illustrious city can be even traced back to the Epic of Ramayana, as the renowned Kishkindha or the Vanara country. It is also believed that several phases of the life of Lord Rama were spent in the city of Hampi, which was then known as ‘Pampa Kshetra’ (Pampa being the name of Goddess Sati).

It then became the capital of the legendary Hindu kingdom of Vijayanagara and reached its zenith of splendor during the reign of the great monarch Raja Krishnadevaraya from 1336 to 1565. However, the golden era of Hampi was confined till this date only. This is because in the later half of the sixteenth century, the city was conjoined to the Deccan Muslim Confederacy which spelt nemesis for this architecturally and culturally escalating empire. Within a mere period of six months, it was demolished and brought to its ruins. Today, it is only a shadow of its former presence that hints at the momentous height that it had reached in terms of culture, art and engineering skills in its golden era. Some of the famous travelers who have sung the glory of Hampi in their writings are Pietro della Valle of Italy and Domingo Paes of Portugal.

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